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  • Vila FlorikaWelcomes all!
  • Vila FlorikaPoolside
  • Blue themed roomSeating and dining area
  • Vila FlorikaSoaking up the sun
  • SarandëBoats moored in the marina at Sarandë
  • The Beach at BorshA 25 minute walk from Vila Florika
  • Vila FlorikaBeautifully maintained gardens
  • Vila FlorikaGarden Fountain
  • The BeachTake a stroll along the beach and see what you can find
  • Porto PalermoThe castle of Porto Palermo
  • Vila FlorikaThe night is young!
  • Vila FlorikaPoolside by night!
  • The Beach at BorshQuiet and unspoilt
  • Spectacular Natural WaterfallWithin the grounds - childrens' paddling and play area
  • Bunkers!One of over 700,000 bunkers built in Albania during the rule of Enver Hoxha
  • The BeachBoat hire available on request
  • Green themed roomSeating & Dining area with balcony
  • The BeachPrivate bathing available
  • SarandëThe sun sets on Sarandë as seen from Lekursi Castle
  • The BeachLined with plenty of parasols
  • Vila FlorikaOutoor dining and relaxation
  • The Beach at BorshShimmering in the sun
  • BeratThe buildings of the ancient city of Berat.
  • Vila FlorikaMountain views from the patio
  • Vila FlorikaThe Vila's own vegetable garden
  • A typical 'secret cove'You will find lots of these along the beautiful coastline of Albania.
  • The BeachA 5 minute drive - Shuttle car available
  • Yellow themed roomSeating, dining and kitchen area
  • The BeachPlenty of shady spots
  • Mountain viewsAs seen from the beach
  • Vila FlorikaDont' fancy the beach today? Then relax by the pool
  • The BeachColourful sea view
  • HimarëCoastal night view of illuminated Himare Town.
  • The BeachHot and sunny - as usual!
  • Red themed roomDining & Kitchen area with balcony
  • The BeachCruising the waves
  • The BeachAs seen from one of the many beachside bars
  • SarandëRestaurants line the bay of Sarandë
  • Historic ButrintThe Ancient Theatre
  • Blue EyeThe clear blue water bubbles forth from a 50+ metre-deep pool.


Luxury Hotel Apartments - 5 minutes from the beach!

Welcome to Vila Florika! and welcome to Albania!

"In case you didn’t know, Albania was named by Lonely Planet as its number one destination in 2011.

Within the last five years more and more tourists are discovering the magic and majesty of Albania."

Getting there

Corfu, playground of the rich and famous is just two miles away.

In summer you can fly to Corfu and take the ferry to Sarandë. In winter, when budget flights are limited, you’ll can to fly to Tirana and drive. BA flies there daily and Tirana’s smart new airport may – like the country itself – will surprise you when you step off the plane.

There are plenty of things to do in Albania. For those who prefer a relaxing way of spending their holidays, Albania is the perfect solution.

The beautiful beaches of the Ionian and Adriatic seas combined with the great Mediterranean climate and delicious freshly caught seafood make for a great holiday.

Stunning Coastline

The coastline is not to be missed, with its clear turquoise seas, Mediterranean climate, fantastic sea views and its many gems, like in Ksamil, Vlorë and Saranda, the southern most coastal city in Albania.

The coastline stretching to the north from Vlorë to the Montenegrin border is flat and contains unspoilt beaches.

There are charming port towns such as Durrës which is the nearest resort to the capital. It’s the third largest town on Albania’s coast, the focus of EU investment and a popular weekend spot.

Tirana is the geographical, commercial and cultural hub of Albania, with a city population of 400,000 and enjoys a certain, Italian café lifestyle. Parts of the city feature buildings painted in striking bright colours.

Another popular tourist town, set in a bay surrounded by mountains, Sarandë is a forty five minute drive from Vila Florika.

Bars and restaurants line the waterfront, the UNESCO city of Butrint is nearby and there is plenty of untouched coastline to explore.

Around the Region

You can visit seaside towns such as Shengjin, Durres and Vlorë and enjoy the curative sands of Velipoje. To the south of Vlorë, the Albanian Riviera is made up of rocky or gravel like shores with spectacular turquoise waters.

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